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The EMS Synthi Blog 
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PIN Hornet Synthi A clone - Awesome synth using my PCB's
Vintage Electronic Musical Instruments Auction (VEMIA) - Ronseal.
Andy Pledger's SMS Web site - Modular Synth Designer in Sandy.
Graham Hinton's EMS Archive Web site - worth a look.
Peter Zinovieff's EMS Web site - Robin has a lot of knowledge.
Peter Grogono's Web site - Former employee of EMS (London) Ltd.
Elby DIY synthesiser projects - Australian DIY synth designer.
Muffwigglers - 1st class DIY Synthesiser enthusiast forum.
Sealectro Archive - Chrisopher Sousa in the US has started a blog.
Matthias Armstroff The Cloney Project - an excellent VCS3 clone.

The link to Tristram Cary's website has now expired, like the great gentleman himself, he was a great innovator of Electronic Music and a very gifted human being, but here is a link to his profile in Wikipedia




Bob Moog's Personal Website This site was set up shortly after Bob's demise.
Steve Thomas's Website Seems to be very busy making Hi-Fli's under license.
Synthorama Not Martin Hollinger's website, but has info on his Synth Museum.
Gearslutz Cool site for all synth and other gear.
Archive Sound Are your Pratt-Read keyboard bushes knackered, visit here.
Ghielmetti Great web site lots of patch panels.
Ghielmetti PDF Download of Patch Panel catalogue.
ST Robotics - My good friend David Sands website, if you want a Robot Arm.
Synthrestore - Good place to go, if your synthesiser needs attention or repair.
Chimera Synthi Seems to have stopped trading, Shame!
Raphael's VCS3 Clone Project - Very helpful and knowledgeable guy.
This guy has avoided drilling holes in his beloved EMS synthesisers
Cirklon Programmable Sequencer - a versatile MIDI sequencer.
Jason's VCS clone project - An excellent VCS3 clone project.
TTSH ARP2600 Modular clone project - Classic ARP2601 Modular clone.
Mo Shang's Groovesizer project- - Mo Shang's Groovesizer projects.