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The VCS3 Building? Strange VCS3 Building spotted in Lille France
UPDATED 21st January 2018

Welcome to my first web site

Created 26th March 2008

With special thanks to my son Daniel for his help setting up this web site
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Welcome All

Thanks for your visit, I hope you find this web site easy to navigate, if you have any suggestions on how I might improve it, or indeed if you find any errors, please use the Contact Box, which should point you in the right direction.

Added an Interview Greg Dash did with my late father Relief Signalman Roy Revell in January 2012.

Mk4 boards are available now and backplanes too.

Need a complete VCS3 clone kit

"The Cloney Project " by Matthias Armstroff, maybe your answer, please visit his Facebook page here

Just fitted a S&H mod to my Synthi Zee clone, supplied by Constantin in Belgium, awesome mod, very good value, works beautifully, and doesn't require drilling or extra switches, link here he is also supplying a Matrix buffer PCB.

An excellent place to find some Phutney electronic components Silicon Ark here

Looks like Robin Wood has let his web site expire, I found another link to it, Peter Zinovieff has taken over the original web site,it still hasn't been updated since 1998, link here

Errors found on the BOM, added some Pin Out data on the wiring diagrams, corrected some missing links and incorrect data in the write ups, mostly on the Phutney Tech Page.

I've added wiring information on the TIP3055's to the 6 way connector to Q1 and Q6, this can be found here

I've modified some of the Phutney schematics, these pages marked NEW on the Tech Page, on these I've added the Input, Output and Level Pots, I would like to know if these are preferable to the schematics. without the I/O and pots.

I've updated the TTSH project page, after receiving the rare parts from Thonk.

There is a minor error on the Mk1 and Mk 2 "X" board, this is a missing 10K (R14) resistor in the reverb mix preset PR3, the track to the base of Q7 from PR3 should be cut and a 10K resistor should be placed in series with the pot, have a look at the Mk3 Reverb schematics to see the correct circuit, the R14 resistor was omitted from my original Synthi AKS, that's how it got missed on the clone.

Added pot wiring information for Mk3 boards.

Added more names to Cam Gears page.

Added DIN 41612 plug and socket availablility.

Mk3 BOM added to the Technical Page.

Updated Photos of Mk3 boards on Clone Part page.

Added X, Y and Z component layouts in PDF format to the "Phutney Technical" web page..

Added Backplane to Clone Parts page.

Added backplane connector info on Cloned Parts page.



Me, Myself, I



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On target for production of my Synthi 100? or Synthi 50, it's just the two 60 x 60 matrix panels that I find impossible to source.

Young me at Gilwell Park circa 1963

Me aged 10

Photo from The Sixer Annual 1964 Page 96, Photo by L.D.Curtis


Left to Right, Sue (Sister), Auntie Flo, Me, circa 1960








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