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Family and friend's

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Just a few pictures of Friends
Stuart at home   HD in Dijon   Longvic Receptionist   Worthington's at home
Stuart Shaw
Heinfried Daum
Me and Annie
Lesley and Keith
Last of the Summer Wine?   James Blunt wannabe   Wedding Day photo   The Borghesi Family
Mike and Keith
aka Tonka and Chief
Keith and Guitar
Sandra and Paul
  Paola Georgia & Angelo

Dominic Peters


ThyssenKrupp Guy

Enjoying being at work




Me, Keith and Patrick

Tree fellers

The Glider Grand Prix 2007 at held at the Great Gransdens, Cambridgeshire

Some pictures of Friends, Family and Relatives
The late Trevor Thompson   Mother in Law   Pop - Father in Law   No.2 Son
"Geordie" RIP
Mother in Law
Pop and Daughter
Mervyn BIL, Sue and Alfie      
Mervyn, Alfie & Sue

Keith and Elinor 1975

Keith and Elinor Emerson

Me David and Gerry

Me, David Sands and Gerry Lewcock after a great meet up after 20 years

Some pictures of very special people
    Brazilian Friends   Demetrio Nunes
Manuel Bessa

Sergio Yamazaki

TRW Brazil Guys
A Happy Demetrio