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Two Thousand Six Hundred

TTSH ARP2600 Clone Project


updated 5th May 2014

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I will publish some pictures of the build progress when the parts arrive.

TTSH Kit due 12/02/2014, now overdue, but contacted by them on 12/02/2014 and asked for contact number for Courier, as that is a condition for shipping the TTSH Kit. I contacted TTSH on Friday 28th Feb, I got an answer on the 2nd March, from Jon, my order was shipped.

Excellent news the boards and front panel arrived on the 5th March 2014, unfortunately the front panel has sustained minor damage, two corners are badly bent, and the front panel finish is compromised, which is a shame, but after contacting, they are happy to send me another front panel in due course. Seems they have a problem with shipping deliveries now according to their website 14/04/2014, maybe there is damage to other customers the front panels.

Mouser Part Order arrived 28/02/2014.

Mouser outstanding Parts due 02/04/2014, actually received 26/03.2014.

THONK Rare parts arrived 28/01/2014, thanks Steve, other bits arrived 07/04/2014.

Started the build by populating the 3 Oscillator PCB's.

I've got some spare components.

Downloaded all the build pages from the TTSH web site, I see there is a mistake on a Power Rail, its the wrong way around, just a simple mod to do to fix that up.



I was a thinking of offering a retro tolex covered plywood contructed case and lid, please contact me if you're interested.



TTSH Progress Report

TTSH kits pre-order available 3rd December 2014.

2nd December 2013

TTSH Order No 10040 = £484.75

Mouser order = £295.26

Thonk order = £76.90

Accutronic reverb tank = £0

Cost Total to date = £856.91

So far, so good, apart from Mouser cancelling my order, but it seems that it's just a glitch, as they have had quite a few orders, and this got them worried, thinking it may have been a fraud. So I ordered the items again, but when I last looked they had cancelled my order again, rang Mouser in the UK, and they had made a mistake with my order, and cancelled it, but they have now reinstated my Order again, 3rd time lucky I hope. although though no fault of my own, I find I've gone to the back of the queue at Mouser, not impressed, as it's my first experience with them.