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Introducing Europes Largest Synthesiser collection in Luterbach,Switzerland



Martin Hollinger's Synthorama Museum


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Some of the Synth Gear in the Museum
ARP 2500 Main Cabinet   Moog System 55   EMS Synthi A   EMS Synthi Sequencer 256

EMS Synthi A MkI


EMS Synthi Sequencer 256

EMS - VCS3 + DK2   ARP Grey Meanie   Moog Sonic 6 Mk2   EMS Synthi E (E=Educational)

I first visited this Museum in February 2011 and I was very warmly received by Martin. There were quite a few visitors already present, as I hadn't realised that the museum was open from 10am, I arrived around 12am. I was very impressed at the layout, and even more impressed when I found that mostly all the exhibits were working. Martin had made it obvious that everything was playable, you are encouraged to bring your own set of headphones with you, although there are some spares that Martin provides.

A brilliant day out, I wish everyone could visit.

The entry fee of 14 Swiss Francs was very good value for money given the playability of the instruments.

Please click here to download a Word Doc of a flyer sent to me by Martin Hollinger.