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With the X Y and Z boards built and tested I finally had the chance to finish this project


The "Synthi Zee"

Serial No. Z1202

My cloned Synthi Zee



The Synthi "Z"
Front Panel   Rear View   Joystick   Rear down view
Front Joystick View     small product photo   X Y & Z boards

That beautiful joystick


Spring Reverb Unit


This clone called the Synthi Zee is not for sale, this synth has single sided PCB's, and uses an original Sealectro 16 x 16 Pin Matrix.

This is the second Synthi A clone I've built, and is a 100% copy of a Deodar synthesiser.

The synth images are of the the first Synthi Zee Serial No. Z1201.

The PCB's in the 2nd cloned Synthi Zee are of a single sided type, it is 100% functional and in perfect condition.

It is fitted into a new and original "Spartanite" briefcase.

I plan to post some pictures of the 2nd Synthi Zee, as it is slightly different to the 1st one I made, I obtained an original "Japanese" reverb tank from Ebay, and the Matrix now has white marked lines to identify the Input Channels, Joystick Rows, and Oscillator modulation columns, and I've added a Trapezoid Invert switch, and of course the associated electronics.

It is possible to run the synth on 110Vac, but would require a simple wiring change, as I decided against installing an internal changeover switch.