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EMS SYNTHI DK.2 Duo-phonic 37 note Keyboard
Pictures of DK2 Serial No. 2402
Overhead View   Control Panel   PCB View   Keyboard Connection
Keyboard Contact Buss   Serial No 2402   Internal Kbd. Out   Kbd.Resistor Ladder

Here are a few pictures of a DK2, again bought from Germany via Ebay, I think it cost around 400 Euros.

The first keyboard was a DK.1, a.k.a. "The Cricklewood", the one shown here was called the Synthi DK.2

It has two independant channels of voltage control, these can be switched off, and the keyboard has its own Oscillator and also a Dynamic channel, this has 37 keys,but no octave shift up or down, no mod wheel and no portamento/glide feature.

The dynamic channel, can be used to provide expression, the quicker the notes are struck the louder the sound, providing you set the patch up in that way, the dynamic channel could be set to control almost any feature on the VCS3 or Synthi A.

Some reviewers of this keyboard couldn't get it to play two notes at the same time, this is because they didn't realise that both Input Ch.1 & 2 have to be used, one to control Osc 1, and the other to control Osc 2.

I am investigating the possibility of adding a three position switch, to select an Octave shift +1 and -1, it doesn't seem that difficult to do, it's just a matter of increasing a decreasing the keyboard voltage.