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I've managed to obtain

limited stocks of spare parts

I've introduced minimum quantities

Fully populated Mk4 Phutney Board Sets now available, please email me for a quote.
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Clone Parts as Sets
Cloned Knobs   25 ohm Speaker   BFY51 Transistor   2N5172 NPN Transistors
K1Cliff Knobs Satin
Price: £1.00 ea.
Price: £10.00 pair
£3.00 ea. Min. 2 off
BC169C Transistors
£1.20 ea. Min. 57 off
2N4288 PNP Transistors   BFY51 Transistor   Quad Transistor   Dual Transistor
BC258B Transistors
£1.20 ea. Min. 30 off
Price: £6.00 set (6)
Silicon Clone £10 ea.
£12.00 ea Min. 2 off
Clone Parts available singularly
    2N5172 NPN Transistors   2N4288 PNP Transistors

6 Way Edge Connector
Price:£5.00 each (1)


32 way Edge Cons.
Price:£15.00/set (3)

£1,00 ea. Min. 57 off
Sold Out
Cloned Knobs      
K1 Cliff Knobs Black Finish
No Insert Price: £1.00 ea.
Price: £1.00 each
Black Plastic Edging
Price: £10.00/ 96 inch
Price: £1.50
Mk3 Comp side   Mk3 Trace    
Mk4 Phutney boards comp. side
Price £105.00/set UK
Mk4 Phutney boards trace side
Price: £115.00/set Rest of the World

XY joystick
Chinese Manf. OMTER here.

£10.00 each

Mk3 board shown with Euro Connector DIN 41612 not included (now all sold out, sorry)

Click on Image to enlarge


NEW Backplane available IMHO makes it easier for wiring to front panel pots and Matrix Panel.


NEW Backplane pcb's

Backplanes are available, priced at UK £34.40 inc. shipping, £39.75 Rest of the World. see images above, showing DIN 41612 and Edge connectors, please note the connectors are NOT INCLUDED in the price. The connectors are just shown for clarity.

Rapid part numbers for DIN41612 connectors 90 deg Plug 19-0120 and Straight Socket 19-0122 currently discounted to 0.96p and 1.11p.

Farnell Part numbers for backplane connectors (in Blue), if anyone can supply Mouser (in Red) or Rapid part numbers (in Yellow) , I'll add these on.

3 off 0.156" 3 way friction header . 167-5499

3 off 0.156" 3 way Crimp Hsg. 167-5490

3 off 0.1562 Crimp Term's. 239-6360

4 off 0.1" 4 way friction header. 146-2920

4 off 0.1" 4 way Crimp Hsg.143-128

35 off 0.1" 3 way Header THT Vertical. 588-581

35 off 0.1" 3 way Crimp Hsg. 143-127

121 off 0.1" Crimp Term's. 242-4111

James F. very kindly notified me of the DIN41612 connector Male and Female part numbers on Mouser see below

3 off DIN41612 Connectors Male 19-0120 798-PCN1064P254DS72

3 off DIN41612 Connectors Female 19-0122 798-PCN1064S254DSA72

A small selection of what I have on sale. Orders for more than £25 qualify for free delivery within the U.K, or £100 for shipping worldwide please ask for a price before ordering.

To order parts, simply send your payment via Paypal to derekrevell@aol.com with what you require, if you are in the UK you can send me a cheque made out to Derek Revell, 20 Sage Close, Biggleswade, Beds, SG18 8WH.

Please note there is a minimum order for small items to cover postage and packaging, but if you only want single items, then email me and I'll prepare an individual quotation for you.

The K1C are Cliff knobs, and have a matt silver finish, the insert which can be easily be removed, after soaking the knob in very hot water for a minute or 2. I can supply the K1 knobs without the silver insert, where you can make your own inserts.

I make my own coloured inserts, but they are not the same as EMS supply, mine are recycled from empty beer and drinks cans, unfortunately Cliff can no longer supply Coloured Inserts for these knobs.

The semiconductors are 100% tested prior to dispatch, BC258B replaced 2N4288 and BC169C replaced 2N5172, these are now used in later models of the original Deodar synthesiser's, I can't hear or detect any difference to the operation of the circuits if BC type transistors are used.

Vernier Knobs, can be sourced from the USA, usually available on Ebay.

TAB101 can be obtained in the UK here or from the States here. but my last enquiry to the States, was answered promptly, that they had NO STOCK. I have found that later Deodar synthesisers now use a Motorola device which is MC1596G but the circuit on the board has been altered to use this device.It has been suggested that CA3046's or a MC1596H can be used, but as these are both 14 pin DIL IC's this would need the chip to be mounted on a Veroboard or similar, and the device has 5 transistors not 4 as in the TAB101, or it could be possible to simply bond together 4 off BC169C together and change the wiring to suit the PCB holes.

MFC6070 back in stock on my clone parts page, sorry for the high price, but you can order them elsewhere from here.

ME9002 (6) are extremely difficult to source and expensive to boot, but BSX20, NTE107 or 2N2369A are good substitutes, but ME9002 should be available here.

32 Way edge connectors, I have found a good supply on Ebay, the supplier is in Taiwan, and are 100% reliable, the items are without mounting feet, and have 64 contacts i.e. double sided, but they are OK for soldering. I have obtained 50 off, and I suggest that mounting feet be made from aluminium 'L' shaped angle and be epoxied to the ends of the connectors, you can buy your own connectors from here. It's a good idea to solder these connectors to a veroboard strip and do the wiring from the board, much easier than soldering wires directly to the pin legs, and also more secure as you can reinforce the veroboard with a top coat of aluminium, if you so wish. I have now changed the board edge connectors to accept 90 degs Euro Connectors.

2C746 (2) Osc 1 and 2, these are very expensive, and almost impossible to obtain, I suggest you source more easily obtainable LM394CH from Ebay here or equivalent 2N2916 here. all are pin compatible.

2N5172 (57) O.K. to use BC169C.

2N4288 (30) O.K. to use BC258B or BC214L

2N5163 (6) use the equivalent BF245C, the Vp on these devices is 3.4V.

2N5461 (1) these are readily available, although I've identified that Robin Wood uses 2N5460 on the latest "B" boards along with J112 are used, which are also readily available, I need to check the values of other components on this board, as I'm sure there are differences. (And the J112 is mounted in reverse to a BF245C FET)

AC153K and AC176K are available at Cricklewood Electronics in the UK, with a slightly high price tag, but as only 2 off each are required, or 3 off each on the Mk3 boards so that 's not too expensive.

BFY51 (2) available on Ebay usually.

DK10 (6) is a small signal germanium diode, use any small signal diode like OA47, 1N34A or 1N60 etc, etc, look on Ebay for Germanium Diode example.

TIP3055 (2) usually available on Ebay.

16 x 16 Selectro Patch matrix obsolete, try Ghielmetti here. If you require a 16 x 16 Custom 621 Matrix you may find that you have quite a hefty bill, €328 + €60 carriage + €20 import duty + 20% VAT, although a standard Type 621 20 x 20 are currently priced (2014) at €270 + €40 + 19.8% VAT, in my opinion if you're serious about making a decent clone of either a VCS3 or Synthi A, the decision not to buy a matrix would be completely missing the whole point of cloning, I would advise that a cheaper option would be to buy Doepfer units, and put them in a briefcase.

Accutronics Reverb Tank available Part # 1BC2D1B here.

Images for making the 6 way edge connector for Q1 and Q6 here.

Silicon Ark are offering adaptable 7 way edge connectors here.

Special Black profile edging strip to finish off the Synthi Zee now available, which is a better profile than EMS supply now.

MkIII Phutney PCB's are now all sold I plan to make available a Mk4 set of PCB's in Autumn 2017, these will be priced at £105/set to the UK, £115 to the Rest of the World a UL1000 Ring Modulator IC will be included with each set of boards, ordering more than 2 sets of boards attracts a 10% discount and free P&P.

I can supply 25 ohm speakers, but I must admit these are not the best sonically, I see that Rapid have a wide ranging speaker available here, although they are 4 times the price, and are actually only available in an 8 ohm version, but are sonically superior to my 25 ohm speakers I am selling.