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ARP 2600 Grey Face


Serial No 261230

ARP 2600 and 3604P Keyboard Images
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Main Panel and Keys
  Front Panel Only
  Original 4027-1 Osc
  Sample and Hold Detail
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Osc 4027-1 Original
  Osc 4027-1 Modified
  3604P Keyboard Panel  

Difficult to get Screw

Brief History of my Grey Face ARP 2600 now for sale.

All offers considered, please email derekrevell@aol.com

Purchased via Ebay around 2003, from a guy in Sweden, received in very bad working order, case and box lids showing very heavy use,

The front panel was in good condition, nothing missing or broken, a few things were added to the front panel, like lots of 1/8" sockets, and a wizz bang multi-connector added to the top right corner of the front panel.

When I first powered up, I found Oscillator 1 and 2 were dead, and the spring line reverb wasn't working. The Sample and Hold failed within a couple of months.

I didn't trust myself to do the re-Tolexing, so I found someone to do it professionally, I think I could have done a better job, and the replacement covering wasn't Tolex, oh hum, we live and learn.

Adrian at Synthrestore undertook to remanufacture the Oscillator Modules 4027-1 and 4014 S/H Module, after I un-potted the original failed ones.

I noticed that if a pair of headphones were plugged into the ARP, that the speakers didn't disconnect, this because of a wiring diagram error, which the wiremen copied faithfully, it's easily fixed, just 8 wires to change around. This was fixed on the Orange faced 2600

Once I had fixed everything, I advertised the Synth in the Reader Ad's section in the excellent Sound on Sound Magazine, and after some haggling, I sold it to Gareth, who is now a very good friend. Gareth reported to me, that when using the ARP2600 on tour, it had some issues, I wanted to address and fix those.

I had removed the broken standard 9" unit and upgraded to the a 17" spring line Reverberation unit, but this caused feedback because I had mounted it on the back panel, due to space restrictions. I moved the 17" Reverb to the base of the case, after moving the PSU over a couple of inches, that fixed up the feedback problem. I moved the newly installed Europlug socket from outboard to inboard, as it was wearing out the vinyl covering inside the case lid.

Gareth also pointed out that the keyboard was becoming stickly, I quickly established that the keyboard bushings had perished, and ordered replacements from Richard at Archive Sound.